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LOVINGKINDNESS-MINISTRIES.COMGod can do anything but fail

How to Function in Perilous Times


We are living in perilous times that threaten our freedoms. Caucasians fear they will lose the advantages associated with being in the majority. Non-whites continue to expand numerically. New census population projections indicate that by 2045 the group of non-whites will constitute the majority in America, and whites will be the new minority.


The current majority responds to this demographic process by attempting to pass laws that lead to suppression, promoting immigration policies that limit the entrance of non-whites, and gerrymandering voting districts to water down voting power in minority districts. Things seem corrupt, but all is not lost.


Black people have lived amidst perilous times since we arrived in North America in chains. Yet, we thrive. How shall we approach this experience? We have relied on our belief in God. How will our reliance on God deliver us from this crisis?  


I am speaking to Christians, those who believe God is omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (constantly with us), and Who loves us more than we could imagine. Our knowledge of God and His capabilities will be a source of peace as we experience this difficult time. That knowledge of God can inspire us to view what is happening in America vertically (What is God doing?) instead of viewing events horizontally (What are people doing?).


Horizontal viewing makes the following assumptions: humankind is controlling everything. Influential people make decisions that are in their best interest, ignoring the hardships their decisions will create for people outside their group. We are hopelessly subject to their selfish, non-caring actions, and there is nothing we can do to change our situation as minorities. This view produces anxiety, depression, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, failing physical health, and deciding to withdraw from the political process. We think our votes won’t make a difference.


However, viewing our circumstances “vertically” (from God’s perspective) puts God in control with his lovingkindness and commitment to constantly be with us and deliver us from whatever threatens our peace and survival.


Those with a relationship with God believe He exists and can deliver us. God revealed that he always knew what we would encounter, even before He created the world, and made decisions of how to provide for us today—even before the world came into existence. Revelation 13:8:  “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names not appear in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”


The all-knowing God was aware before He created humankind that Adam would sin and create a need for a Savior to mend our relationship with God. God the Word decided to sacrifice Himself by dying at Calvary to pay the price for humankind’s sins—a decision made before God created anything.


This all-knowing God was completely aware of everything we would experience in our lifetime and decided how and when He would deliver us before creating anything. The story of Deborah and Barak in Judges 4-5 illustrates how God acted hundreds of years before their oppression by Canaanite king Jabin to place Jael, wife of Kenite Heber, into a position to kill General Sisera, their oppressor. After telling Deborah God would lure General Sisera to the Kishon River, Sisera decided to bring his entire army to that location (Judges 4). When God instructs our enemies, they interpret it as their idea. Everything happened according to God’s plan of deliverance.


The implication is that God always knew what we would experience today, and because of His great love for us and his all-powerful ability to rescue us, God assures our deliverance. Meanwhile, our faith and dependence on Him will determine our physical and mental health. Looking vertically at current events asks, “What is God doing?”


God removed and set up kings (Daniel 2:21). God appoints all existing leaders—even those who do not acknowledge Him (Romans 13). I trust God to solve my problems, no matter how large. And I will patiently wait on my deliverance. What about you? 


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