LOVINGKINDNESS-MINISTRIES.COM God can do anything but fail
LOVINGKINDNESS-MINISTRIES.COMGod can do anything but fail


New Website!
So happy to finally have my site live. Looking forward to sharing my passions with the world.

About Us

 Rev. Vivian Smith-Fountain, MBA, MDiv

City: Augusta, GA


Ministries: Pastor, Clinical Pastoral Education Educator

Talents/Abilities: Vocal/keyboard musician, Bible Study Teacher, Preaching, Grief Counselor, and Author. 


Rev. Herman Fountain Jr., MA, MDiv, Ed.D

City: Augusta, GA


Ministries: Pastoral Counselor, Pastor, Bible Study teacher, Organ and keyboard musician, retired mental health counselor, and author.


Our motto: Trust and wait on God. He has already acted to solve our problems.

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