LOVINGKINDNESS-MINISTRIES.COM God can do anything but fail
LOVINGKINDNESS-MINISTRIES.COMGod can do anything but fail


New Website!
So happy to finally have my site live. Looking forward to sharing my passions with the world.

About Us

Name: Rev. Dr. Herman J. Fountain Jr., Ed.D.
City: Saginaw, Michigan

Ministries: Pastor, Pastoral Counselor, Hypnotherapist

Talents/Abilities: Music Ministry, Bible Study Teacher, Preaching, Motivational Speaker, Health Researcher, Blogger, Author


Name: Rev. Vivian Smith-Fountain, MBA, M. Div.

City: Saginaw, Michigan


Ministries: Pastor, Clinical Pastoral Education Director

Talents/Abilities: Vocal/keyboard musician, Bible Study Teacher, Preaching, Grief Counselor, Author


Our motto: Trust and wait on God. He has already acted to solve our problems.

Hello, Children of God. God recently relocated us from Berwick, PA, where we served as team pastors of First Baptist Church, to Saginaw, MI. We are listening to learn God's plan for our lives in our new location. 


You may contact us at: Herman.Fountain@lovingkindness-ministries.com

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